Four Years


We Build Their Confidence, Socialization Skills, And Knowledge - This Is The Time To Set Your Child Up For Future Academic Success.



Our Typical Daily Routine Includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Circle Time
  • Large Group Time
  • Small Group Time
  • Music Time
  • Story Time
  • Outside Time
  • Lunch
  • Rest Time (Full-Time Only)
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Outside
  • Afternoon activities

Teachers Track And Support Daily Progress

Yes, this is when we start with the parent-teacher conferences! We use Teaching Strategies GOLD as the assessment tool to track a child’s progress. This assessment tool and results are discussed at parent-teacher conferences twice a year. While teachers and parents get the opportunity to meet twice per school year, these anecdotal notes and goals are shared often with open communication.


Your Child Learns To Problem-Solve With Practice

Conflict resolution is a process that teaches children how to solve their problems independently. Our VPK teachers help children recognize when there is a conflict and guides them through the steps to find a solution to the conflict. This five-step learning experience includes asking the child what the problem is, stating the conflict, acknowledging their feelings, asking what the solution may be, and then completing with the resolution.


Small Group Sizes Promote Independent Learning

Group times is an essential part of our daily schedule. During small group time, each child participates in an activity that allows them to have their own materials and choice of how to use them. This is done with their primary caregiver/group. Large group time consists of one activity that the entire classroom engages in together. The difference from preschool to VPK is that at the VPK level, the activities will become more challenging to expand their development capabilities.


Writing Activities That Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

Our goal for your VPK child is to continue developing their established milestones, one of the most significant ones being writing. We will share activities that include using writing tools such as pencils, markers, and crayons to write out words which will continue embracing their fine motor development and hand control.


Teachers Spark A Passion For Math With Lessons

In the VPK classrooms, you will find math in every area that you see. Each child will have ample opportunities to experience mathematical lessons such as sorting, counting, and classifying with the materials they are given. These learning experiences will also be encouraged continually throughout their group activities.


Daily Reports for Peace of Mind

Brighwheel is a reliable resource that we use for consistent communication with our families. This app allows teachers to enter in information such as what the child has eaten, how long they napped, and even pictures of them participating in the different parts of the day.


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