Preschool 2s and 3s

24 Months to 36 Months


We Use Every Opportunity to Teach Your Toddler All The Skills They Need, Including Daily Routines, Problem Solving Skills, And Learning To Express Themselves.

PRESCHOOL 2S AND 3S | 24 Months to 36 Months | SERVING SARASOTA, FL


Experienced Help With Potty Training

Potty training is an essential milestone in early childhood development. Our teachers create consistent, daily schedules to encourage success.


Daily Reports For Peace Of Mind

Brightwheel is a reliable resource that we use for consistent communication with our families. This app allows teachers to enter in information such as what the child has eaten, how long they napped, and even pictures of them participating in the different parts of the day.


Routines Help Support Their Development

Children follow a consistent, yet flexible routine throughout their day. This allows them the comfort and awareness of what will be taking place in the classroom, yet also accommodates to their interests and needs.


A Communication-Friendly Environment For Children

Teachers are mindful of how significant social development is at this age. We represent this importance through our face-to-face communication, open-ended questions, and social interaction we steadily encourage.


More Structure Prepares Them For The Classroom

Our Creative Curriculum is implemented in our 2's and 3's classrooms. Our teachers complete toddler/preschool training and receive on the spot support and feedback from the Directors monthly. As children grow, they are exposed to more structure in their daily schedule. Active learning is always a pillar of our approach.


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