Potty Trained 3 to 4 Years

Your Preschooler Is Growing Fast, Their Minds Are Absorbing Information Quickly and Making New Connections – This Is the Time To Set Them Up For Future Success



Our Typical Daily Routine Includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Circle Time
  • Large Group Time
  • Small Group Time
  • Music Time
  • Story Time
  • Outside Time
  • Lunch
  • Rest Time
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Outside
  • Afternoon activities

Quality Education Empowers Them To Soar

Creative Curriculum is implemented in all our Preschool Classrooms. Our teachers complete regular training and receive on the spot support and feedback from the Director weekly.


A Well-Structured Day Helps With Home Life Too

Classes are well structured, and children are involved in keeping the classroom organized and tidy. This helps preschoolers understand the value of contribution – something that can extend to their behavior at home.


Teachers Show Them How To Solve Problems

Teachers encourage conflict resolution and problem-solving skills any time a challenge arises. This process includes encouraging the child to identify the problem, discussing their feelings, and finding a solution to solve that problem.


Lots Of One-On-One Personalized Attention

Teachers balance each class with small group time and entire-class participation. This allows us to cater each activity and provide one-on-one attention to your child.


They Learn How To Write - Yes By Hand!

Preschoolers stimulate their fine motor development as they begin learning the process of writing through various activities.


Math Lessons Help Them Conquer Numbers

Math is an essential aspect in many parts of each preschooler’s day. You can find math in our art area, toy area, and book section of the classroom! Counting, sorting, classifying, and identifying are all math skills that are experienced and progressed during preschool.


Daily Digital Reports Keep Parents In The Know

Brightwheel is a reliable resource that we use for consistent communication with our families. This app allows teachers to enter in information such as what the child has eaten, how long they napped, and even pictures of them participating in the different parts of the day.


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